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Under the Sea Resources
updated June 2012

The Caribbean and Beyond: Ocean Facts and Information -

Earth's Water - All About Oceans -

Enchanted Learning: All About Oceans and Seas -

Fish Faq: Fascinating Facts About Fish -

Oceans Alive! Physical Features of the Ocean -

Oceans Alive! The Living Sea -

Ocean Planet Smithsonian -

Ocean Studies Index -

Penguin Activity Facts & Photos -

Scholastic Instructor Worlds of Water -

Scholastic Internet Exploring Oceans on the Web -

Sea Life (fish, sharks, turtles, sea birds, mollusks, etc...)

Sea Life (FAQ on fish, lobster, crustaceans)-

Turtles -

*Whale Times, information about whales, seals, sharks, etc... -

Why is the Ocean Salty? -